F is for Fishing

Fur and feather bound to steel aren’t necessary to catch a fish, there are times and places when a bare hook and skilful casting can be enough.  Getting that good though is generally more tricky than acquiring a copy of The Compleat Angler or JR Hartley, practice and patience are required.  However, even if you don’t catch much there is a lot of fun to be had from trying.  In fishermen’s dreams this is the chase they relive, still thrilling although slowed to an underwater pace with complex interplays of wind and current.

Just as important as the fish themselves is the delight of being outdoors in some of the most beautiful places Britain has to offer;  on The Camel where coastal skies, meadow and river meet in early morning light you can have the time of your life just casting and fishing.

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    AtoZed of The Camel are a fly-tying, conservation-minded fisherman who lives on the Camel
    and his daughter, who once caught a trout by mistake

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